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IANTD GAS BLENDING COURSES Blending Nitrox and Trimix Gases

IANTD Nitrox & Trimix Gas Blender with Tech Asia

Two courses are available, covering the mixing of Nitrox, and of Trimix diving gases. They can be taken separately or combined. These programs will be helpful to dive shop staff and owners, to divers with a need to blend gas in remote locations such as special projects, 


  • Must have a need to take a Gas Blending course such as being affilaited with a mixed gas facility.
  • No diving requirements to take these courses.

Program Content

  • Classroom presentations and hands on blending experience comprise the courses.
  • Accuately fill a minimum of ten Nitrox cylinders for Nitrox Blender, and ten additional for Trimix Gas Blender.

 What You Will Learn

The courses discuss not only the production of reliable and correct mixes but on the safe handling of oxygen, and fill station protocols which enhance diver safety. We'll also give insight into blending both in large scale dive center operations, and in remote locations using portable blending systems. Oxygen cleaning and inspection procedures are taught but the courses do not qualify the student as service technicians for any given brand of equipment.

Course materials, classwork and blending practical sessions will cover such topics as : 

  • Responsibilities of the Blender.
  • Diving gases and the safe handling of oxygen with respect to fire hazard.
  • Oxygen System design and locally applicable regulatons.
  • Oxygen servicing procedures.
  • Gas production equipment - compressors, filtration, cylinders, gauges, air quality testing etc.
  • Blending methods including practical hands on Partial Pressure Blending.
  • Gas analysis and cylinder sign out procedures.
  • For Trimix Gas Blender - Properties of Helium and partial pressure mathematics and blending.

Note: As with other IANTD programs, the student must complete and pass the written examination, The candidate must also demonstrate a mature attitude towards handling high pressure mixed gases in order to be certified.

Equipment, Materials, What's included?

You will find details of what is included and not included across all IANTD courses on the Overview page, There are no diving requirements on these courses and therefore no additional costs.

A pdf manual is issued upon sign up and payment of a deposit for the course.

Course Options

IANTD Nitrox Blender can be taken as a stand alone course for those who have no need to blend Trimix, or as a straightforward combination with Trimix Gas Blender if they do.

Trimix Gas Blender can be taken as an upgrade to an IANTD or other equivalnet Gas Blender course as long as the student is reasonably current with what they previously learned. This course also integrates well and makes an interesting addition to higher level Technical courses such as IANTD Trimix. Prices can be found here.