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BLUE ALLIANCE AND MARINE PROTECTION Our Partnership with Blue Alliance Philippines

Blue Alliance Philippines and Tech Asia in Puerto Galera
Who are Blue Alliance and what do they do locally?

Blue Alliance is an international organization which as luck would have it,  has a Philippines sector which is very much focused on the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of Puerto Galera and Northern Mindoro. 

The Blue Alliance Philippines team is highly visible amongst the Puerto Galera diving community, most notably being available at almost any time to conduct their informative and engaging “Blue Talks” for guests of our dive center, and of the other supporting and collaborating resorts who have become involved. These talks highlight the importance of MPAs in ways you may not be aware of, and what can and should be done to relieve pressure on them and reverse the destruction of marine habitats and resources.

 The importance of their work becomes clear when you consider marine the setting in which Puerto Galera lies. Namely, the southern side of the Verse Island passage.

The Verde Island Passage is very deep, hundreds of meters of water in front of us, and has been a stable passage for over twenty million years while other shallower seas became land bridges during ice ages when sea levels fell.

This has helped it develop into an area with enormous diversity of marine life, with a concentration fish, coral and other marine species which scientists recognize as almost unparalled globally. A very special and highly important environment.


Blue Alliance Philippines Activities

To state it briefly,  Blue Alliance’s efforts go in to :

  • Enforcement and conservation – by way of manpower and providing equipment to do so.
  • Community development and livelihood alternatives – to help move fishing dependent communities into more sustainable activities such as aquaculture and ecotourism.
  • Scientific monitoring and research – a fun way for you to contribute directly is through the Citizen Science project – our staff will explain.
  • Capacity Building and Education – of local communities to help them grasp how protection of an MPA can improve their livelihood in a remarkably short period of time.

Much more detail about this can of course be found here https://divemindoro.org/ and their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/BlueAllianceMPA

We at Tech Asia see great value in the work that is being done, and outside trying to raise awareness by simple Blue Talk hosting and encouraging Citizen Science involvement, also act as a Conservation Contributor by helping to generate funds

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Our dive and course fees contain a small contribution which we remit to Blue Alliance Philippines ( you may of course opt out of this ) and we collect contributions through their Merchandise. Make a minimum donation and receive a beautiful Rashguard or T-shirt in return.