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Diving and Course Prices with Tech Asia

Our Diving fees include a Php 100 contribution to Blue Allance, an NGO which uses the funding directly for the management of Northern Mindoro's Marine Protected Areas. This contribution is voluntary and can be removed from your bill if you prefer.

Open Circuit technical dive prices include tanks, boats and guide fees. Gas and equipment are charged extra.

Rebreather Dives also include boat fees, guide and use of bailout tanks. Onboard rebreather tanks are charged additionally if required.

If our guide or Instructor is diving with a Rebreather, a simple fixed charge to cover consumables ( Gas, Sofnolime, unit upkeep etc ) will be charged and divided amongst the divers in the group . This will be Php2,000 for a dive shorter than 75 minutes and Php3,000 for a dive longer then 75 minutes.

TDI & PADI course fees and experience programs in general include Instructor fees, materials, certification fees, gas fills and BCD/regulators. Exclusions noted below are :

*      does not include cost of helium.
**    does not include diving fees and certain travel expenses. Please inquire for more information.
***  does not include DPV rental.

Diving & Experience ProgramsDurationPrice    
Technical Dive                - Php3,700
Technical Dive - deeper than 60m/200ft - Php4.600
Introductory Tech Experience 3-4 hours Php4,500
DPV Orientation*** 3-4 hours Php4.500
Drysuit Orientation 3-4 hours Php4,500
TDI Courses                                                    DurationPrice    
TDI Intro to Tech                          2-3 Days Php23,950
TDI Advanced Nitrox 2-3 Days Php27,950
TDI Deco Procedures 2-3 Days Php27,950
TDI Adv Nitrox & Deco Procedures 4 Days Php39,350
TDI Helitrox* 2-3 Days Php27,950
TDI Adv Nitrox & Helitrox*  4 Days  Php39,350
TDI Intro/Adv Nitrox & Deco Procedures Comb.  6 Days  Php59,300
TDI Intro/Adv Nitrox & Helitrox Comb.*  6 Days  Php59,300
TDI Extended Range  4 Days  Php48,000
TDI Trimix Diver* 4 Days Php48,000
TDI Advanced Trimix Diver* 4 Days Php54,150
TDI Advanced Wreck Diver** 4 Days  Php45,000
TDI Sidemount 2-3 Days Php23,950
TDI Sidemount (Tech option) 3 Days Php31,750
TDI DPV Diver*** 2 Days  Php21,175
TDI DPV Diver (Tech option)*** 3 Days Php30,250
TDI Gas Blender 1-2 Days Php15,125
TDI Gas Blender & Adv Gas Blender 2 Days Php21,175
TDI Adv Gas Blender (upgrade from Gas Blender) 1 Day Php10,500
PADI Courses                                                Duration  Price    
PADI Tec 40         2-3 Days Php32,250
PADI Tec 45 2-3 Days Php32,250
PADI Tec 50 2-3 Days Php32,250
PADI Tec 40, 45, 50 Combined 7 Days Php91,750
PADI Tec Trimix 65* 5 Days Php56,150
PADI Tec Trimix*  4 Days  Php29,225
PADI Tec Trimix 65 and Tec Trimix Combined* 6-7 Days  Php76,600
PADI Tec Gas Blender Nitrox 1-2 Days  Php15,125
PADI Tec Gas Blender Trimix 2 Days  Php18,150 
PADI Tec Gas Blender (combined with any Trimix diver course) 1 Day Php15,125
PADI DPV Diver*** 2 Days Php21,175
PADI Sidemount Diver 2-3 Days  Php21,175
PADI Tec Sidemount Diver 4 Days Php30,250
PADI Drysuit Diver 1 1/2 Days Php18,150

GUE Courses are hosted by Tech Asia for visiting instructors and costs are variable. You will find that different instructors charge slightly different fees and expenses which are best discussed with them for clarity. Tech Asia will charge a Facility Fee and gas fees for each course to cover actual diving expenses. More explanation is found on the GUE Courses page

GUE CoursesPrice    
GUE Fundamentals               POA
GUE Tech 1 Diver POA
GUE Tech 2 Diver POA
GUE Doubles, Drysuit, Triox Primers etc POA

Gas is charged by the liter based on what you actually use. For the sake of example, below are some approximate costs based on filling from empty. If it's a repetitive dive and we are reblending it will cost less. Keep in mind that Instructors gas cost will be divided amongst all divers/students on the dive.

Gas PricesPrice    
EANx 32 in Doubles                Php420.00
EANx 50 in 40cu/ft/ 6 liter tank Php270.00
Oxygen in 40 cu ft/ 6 liter tank (120 bar) Php420.00
Trimix 21-35 in Doubles Please Contact Us
Trimix 18-45 in Doubles Please Contact Us
Oxygen, 3 L at 200bar - fixed rate Php660.00

Tech Asia's own courses in Puerto Galera include BCD and Regulator use if needed. During fun dives and courses taught by other instructors (GUE for example) these are extra. Accessory items are always charged additional rental.,

Equipment RentalPrice    
Regulator - per dive                Php200.00
Complete BCD - per dive Php200.00
Backplate only - per dive Php100.00
Wing Only - per dive Php100.00
Surface Marker Buoy - per dive Php100.00
Spool - per dive Php100.00
Rebreather Tanks - Set of two per day Php750.00
DPV - per dive Php2,475.00