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TESTIMONIALS What others say about us

Great products. Awesome service.

Maricelle Navales Licuanan, Manila, Philippines

Great staff  and facilities for Technical Diving in Puerto Galera.

Gordz Gojunco, Philippines

My confidence with “doubles” increased significantly, thanks to the patience and detailed input from Sam, who is an excellent instructor. The decompression side of the course was very good and very practically orientated with the theory used when needed…..have learned a lot about my Teric computer and its capabilities!! All of the support staff were excellent too. Definitely coming back to keep my Tech skills ticking over, which is difficult to do in Hong Kong. Not sure whether to learn how to scooter next or take the next tech steps.

James, Hong Kong

I have completed my Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures Diver courses in with Tech Asia in November 2023.
I really enjoyed my time a lot (as far as one can say that in a tech dive course ;)). Joke aside, my instructor Tim Bloemeke did a great job in teaching me theory and practice. You could clearly notice that he has decades of experience which he shares with you extensively so you are well prepared. Within one week I have learned more than in six months before during other courses. Apart from that he also is fun to have a beer with!
Dave is one of the owners who runs the shops operations. He is a very kind, grounded and reasonable person whom you can rely on and discuss all your needs with.
All in all the message is clear - I will be back for my trimix course - see you soon guys!

Felix Scholz,, Philippines

I recently had the pleasure of diving with Tech Asia, and I cannot say enough good things about our groups experience. From start to finish, it was an outstanding adventure that exceeded my expectations in every way.
First and foremost, the level of professionalism exhibited by the staff was unparalleled. The dive instructors were highly knowledgeable and skilled. Their commitment to safety was evident in every aspect of the dive, from the thorough briefing to the meticulous equipment checks. I felt confident and well-prepared for the dive, which allowed me to fully enjoy the experience.
The diving itself was simply breathtaking. The locations chosen by Tech Asia were pristine and offered an abundance of marine life to explore. The visibility was excellent, and I was able to marvel at the stunning coral reefs and colorful fish. The dive guides were experienced and pointed out interesting features and marine species along the way, enhancing the overall experience.
What truly set Tech Asia apart in addition to the exceptional diving experience, the facilities were top-notch. The dive shop was well-maintained and had modern equipment. The staff was friendly, approachable, and went above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs were met. They also provided helpful recommendations for other activities in the area, which added value to our experience.
Overall, the experience was nothing short of outstanding. The professionalism, expertise, and commitment to conservation exhibited by the staff made for an unforgettable diving adventure. I highly recommend Tech Asia to anyone looking for a top-quality dive shop that offers an exceptional tech or recreational diving experience in a beautiful marine environment. I will definitely be returning for more adventures with them in the future!

Traveler,, Philippines

Super! Very friendly staff and owner, Thanks to Sir June for the tank filling! Hélium is available there.

Guillaume,, Philippines

I have asked Dave months ago for some guided dives with CCR and DPV so everything was well organized.
Finally I had 8 really exciting DPV dives together with Sam. This area here offers dive sites with different topography so that you will never get bored.
Thanks a lot Sam for your excellent guiding :-)

Thomas Bodis,, Philippines

Great set up and very good instruction. Did my gas blender and trimix course there and very happy with both

Jonathan Venn,, Philippines

Best of the best for so many reasons. Thanks for a great weekend

Jacob Lo,, Philippines

For all the highest quality dive equipment, go here.

It is a lot more expensive then most places but it’s high quality and usually for tech diving

Joseph Wang,, Taiwan

Great stock of various tech diving gear.

Kris Mears,, Philippines

Fantastic place with experienced dive professionals. Highly recommended

Ian Diaper,, UK

After 10 days of intesive diving, i need a new body. Did the tec sidemount with Sam (Collett) and then the advanced wreck course on sidemounts. Amazing training but auch body. Thanks to Sam for the amazing training and thanks to Jens Valther Rasmussen for the friendships and teamwork on these courses.

Carsten Agerbo Jensen,, Philippines

A big thank you to Dave Ross from Tech Asia for the super fast delivery. Shearwater Teric, just 6 hours from order it arrived at the resort.

Lee Ricketts, Alegria Dive Resort, Cebu, Philippines

Top facility, very well set out and equipped, great staff, really enjoying being here. Everything you need as tech diver and as tech instructor to run courses.

Matt Jevon, SW Technical Diving, UK

Some of the best people in tech dive business! On top of their game every time, professional, safe, probably the best tech diving facility in the Philippines.

Georgy Gomshiashvili, UAE

Calm, professional, structured and safe whist challenging you to ensure that key principles and drills stick both in a training and recreational dive - top dive centre and training institute.

Steve Lockie, Dubai

Tech Asia is the most professional tech dive centre in the Philippines. No doubt about that. Dave Ross is The Man when it comes to anything tech - if in doubt, ask Dave.

Tony Exall, UK

5* tech diving facilities, GUE affiliated, Halcyon distributor. Sam is a great instructor, Sidemount friendly although most divers will be on backmount doubles

Eric Chocat, Philippines

Grate place, excellent staf. Love it.

Jan Bjork, Sweden