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PADI TEC TRIMIX 65 DIVER Learn the advantages of trimix

The PADI Tec Trimix 65 Course with Tech Asia

As you will be aware, taking technical diving further than the Tec 50 that you already hold requires a move to trimix. This helps you keep narcosis out of the way, manage your oxygen risks, and avoid CO2 problems caused by breathing dense gases at depth like air and nitrox. The PADI Tec Trimix 65 is a normoxic level course extending your depth range as far as 65m/210ft, using  multiple decompression gases, but still employing bottom gases that are breathable at the surface and thus not requiring the additional complexity of a travel gas on descent.

A certification of this level will give you access to about 90% of the best dive sites Puerto Galera has to offer, not to mention make dives like penetrations on some of the deeper wrecks we visit so much more viable. See below for more of what's involved....

Duration and Scope of the Course

Best taken over four days, the course includes self study, four knowledge development sessions, four practical applications, an assessment dive and five training dives. It will cover :

  • Gaining a better understanding of decompression models and dive planning softare.
  • Detailed practical dive planning, operational aspects and risk analysis.
  • Developing the ability to make dives as deep as 65 metres/210 feet unsupervised by us once certified.

Equipment and what is Included

At this level you will continue to use a full, standard technical configuration of either backmounted double tanks, or possibly Sidemount if you are qualified to do so or wish to combine your training with a Tec Sidemount Diver course. You'll have two decompression tanks and be making sure that you can integrate extra essentials such as primary lights or drysuit inflation systems into your configuration in such a way that they don't compromise important basics such as ability to perform gas shares and reach valves. With the need for more equipment on deeper dives comes a need for a better understanding of how to make it all work smoothly for you.

You can find details of what is included in all PADI courses on the Overview page and course prices here.

Learning Materials

Tec Trimix Diver Crew-Pak which includes all required materials, including: manual, deep stop calculation table, trimix decal and emergency procedures slate. This Crew-Pak covers both the Tec 65 and complete Tec Trimix courses. 


To enroll in the course you must

  • Be a PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent and have proof of CPR and first aid training with the previous two years.
  • Be certified as a Tec 50 Diver or equivalent.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have logged at least 100 dives.
  • Complete the PADI Medical Statement and have it signed by a Physician. You can download the pdf here.

For more information about this or other PADI courses have a chat with one of the Tech Asia Team members.