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Real Discoveries - Samar Cave Diving Part Four

Moving into Summer 2010 we put most emphasis on Eastern Samar, but still followed a few leads in the west. The western points of interest were located in areas with outstanding natural beauty, such as Timogbong, but for one reason or another, all turned out […]

Binaloan And Balogo - Samar Cave Diving Part Three

In January 2010, a nasty looking low pressure system formed in the Pacific, seriously threatening our first expedition of the year. If this had been a weekend of diving in our home base of Puerto Galera, it would have been a simple choice to just […]

Wreck Training - A Personal Perspective

“Decompression ceiling, cave or wreck, it’s all the same. If it comes to a problem you can’t just go up”. How many times I had heard or read these words I’m not sure, but thinking back and scratching my head it actually amazes me to […]

The Birth Of A Cave Project - Part Two

The transition from tourist cavers to fledgling explorers began in February 2009 for Ralph Joerger and Dave Ross. A large, and even now, ongoing part of that is learning to deal with the local formalities and in some cases, abnormalities. A case in point being […]

The Sagami Maru - Gulf Of Davao

Around the year 2005, stories began circulating of a relatively unknown Japanese war wreck being dived just outside of Davao City, in the far south of the Philippines. Curiousity aroused I poked my nose into this a little further and came across this story, https://www.shipwreckworld.com/articles/the-sagami-maru-and-the-uss-seawolf […]