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Technical Diving Expeditions & Trips

Tech Asia Travel...Technical Diving in the Philippines and Asia wide!

While for obvious reasons our 2020 Travel Plans have been stopped in their tracks, we are treating things as postponed rather than cancelled and will reschedule as soon as it's safe to do so.

What we organize ranges from trips on established, luxury liveaboards in known locations, such as Truk Lagoon, through to much more off the beaten track sites like Eastern Sri Lanka and the HMS Hermes. These trips are more basic but with an exotic, safari feel and a sense of real discovery to them.

When we can, we'll mount small expeditions to places where almost nobody ever tech dives, and have good experience with the logistics involved in these adventures. The Wreck Diving section of our Blog tells some of these stories.

Finally we have an ongoing cave project that qualifies as true exploration. This falls under the realm of our Non-Profit organization, the Asian Karst Exploration Project (AKEP). Because of the nature of the diving and the operating circumstances, these are invitational trips rather than open for general sign up. The more than ten year history of this project is found here.

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