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IANTD TEK OPEN WATER SIDEMOUNT DIVER Learn Sidemount techniques as an alternative to back mounted diving.

IANTD Tek Open Water Sidemount Diver with Tech Asia

Whilst the sidemount configration was developed to help in certain types of cave where backmounted diving was a problem, it has become a popular configuration in open water as well. IANTD Tek Sidemount Diver can be taken either as a stand-alone course or in conjunction with one of IANTD’s other open circuit technical programs such as Advanced Nitrox,  Normoxic Trimix, Trimix, or Technical Wreck. If this course is combined, the requirements for both courses must be met.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Minimum certification of IANTD Advanced Nitrox or equivalnet.

Program Content and Limits

  • Skills will be introduced in confined water and then four open water training dives will be made.
  • These dives must have at least 160 minutes of bottom time, two fine tuning equipment and skills, and two of them must include at least ten minutes of simulated or real decompression.
  • No dives deeper than the students previous level of certification.

 What You Will Learn

During IANTD Sidemount training the topics you'll be covering on land and in water will include : 

  • Equipment set up, options and considerations.
  • Gas matching procedures to include dissimilar volumes amd independent cylinders.
  • Communication by light and hand signals.
  • Gas failures and sharing.
  • Entanglement, self rescue and problem solving.
  • Sidemount specific S-Drills.
  • Demonstrate various propulsion techniques: frog kick, modified frog kick, modified flutter kick, backwards kick, helicopter turns, and hand pulling if appropriate for the environment.
  • Cylinder handling skills, unclipping and attaching ctlinders, gas switches etc.
  • Managing extra cylinders.

Note: As with other IANTD programs, the diver must complete and pass the written examination, complete all open water requirements efficiently and safely, and meet all criteria on the final Course Evaluation Form in order to be certified.

Equipment, Materials, What's included?

You will find details of what is included and not included across all IANTD courses on the Overview page, If the student is making technical dives during Sidemount training, such is if taken in combination with a higher level course, any Helium used is not included.

A pdf manual is issued upon sign up and payment of a deposit for the course.