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One More Great Ocean Positive Idea From Fourth Element

Environment DaveRoss COMMENTS 22 Aug, 2021

Fourth Element's Ocean Positive iniative has been at the core of the companies values since it formed in 1999.

Ocean Positive products are characterised for example, by being made at the very least from 30% recycled materials, such as the Econyl used in Thermocline suits and Swimwear, that is produced from recovered ghost fishing nets and plastic bottles. Or being made from sustainable sources such as natural rubber, used to make the Yulex of the Surface wetsuit range.

Clearly a current need is to deal with the millions of disposable face masks that get dumped everyday, with many of those inevitably finding their way into the ocean. Another British company, Waterhaul, collects and processes these into useable plastic granules which Fourth Element is turning into Line Arrows and Cookie markers.

FE Arrows

Of course we are all going to have to discover a lot of new cave passage to use up all the thrown away masks in the world but there's a pretty good reason to put your exploration cap on and get after it! Some of these markers will no doubt be installed next season in our very own Kasili System in Eastern Samar!


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