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Try A Shearwater  At Tech Asia

Did you forget your dive computer or get unlucky and have something happen to it, or it's battery, just before your trip? Or are you close to investing in your first computer or upgrading an existing one but still undecided? Either way we have a […]

Real Discoveries - Samar Cave Diving Part Four

Moving into Summer 2010 we put most emphasis on Eastern Samar, but still followed a few leads in the west. The western points of interest were located in areas with outstanding natural beauty, such as Timogbong, but for one reason or another, all turned out […]

Binaloan And Balogo - Samar Cave Diving Part Three

In January 2010, a nasty looking low pressure system formed in the Pacific, seriously threatening our first expedition of the year. If this had been a weekend of diving in our home base of Puerto Galera, it would have been a simple choice to just […]

Wreck Training - A Personal Perspective

“Decompression ceiling, cave or wreck, it’s all the same. If it comes to a problem you can’t just go up”. How many times I had heard or read these words I’m not sure, but thinking back and scratching my head it actually amazes me to […]

The Birth Of A Cave Project - Part Two

The transition from tourist cavers to fledgling explorers began in February 2009 for Ralph Joerger and Dave Ross. A large, and even now, ongoing part of that is learning to deal with the local formalities and in some cases, abnormalities. A case in point being […]