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The Sagami Maru - Gulf Of Davao

Around the year 2005, stories began circulating of a relatively unknown Japanese war wreck being dived just outside of Davao City, in the far south of the Philippines. Curiousity aroused I poked my nose into this a little further and came across this story, https://www.shipwreckworld.com/articles/the-sagami-maru-and-the-uss-seawolf […]

Diving Le D'artaganan (aka Teiko Maru)

While patrolling the Manila-Singapore shipping lanes on 22 February 1944, at 07.20, Lt. Cdr. Frank G. Selby sighted masts and smoke some fifteen miles from his submarine, the USS Puffer. An eastbound convoy moving at seven knots. Not wanting to engage the ships in shallow […]

The Birth Of A Cave Project - Part One

In the mid-to-late nineties as technical diving found the Philippines, cave exploration experienced something of a flourish. Alex Santos, the IANTD franchise holder at the time, was the driving force, and alongside him much of the time was Ralph Joerger, the man responsible for the […]

All About Scooter Diving

DPV Diving - What's it all about?  We've been lucky at Tech Asia. Right from the beginning we've had forward thinking divers who saw DPV's as not just a tool for the Florida Cave pioneers, but as something that could be applied in the ocean […]